Investment management consultant MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE considers the potential for the Chinese Communist Party to deploy Bitcoin and digital currency as a destabilizing force against the US - and the rest of the world.

Could china use cryptocurrency as a financial weapon

Just as Bitcoin was hovering around US$56,000 over 6–8 April, before climbing back to over US$64,000 a…

Investment management consultant MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE discovers how the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange courted Wall Street money and betrayed the principles of cryptocurrency.

Coinbase and the betrayal of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has been offered to the public through a direct listing on the US tech index Nasdaq with a valuation of US$76bn (US$99bn including options and…

Investment management consultant MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE considers whether the miracle rise in UK house prices during the COVID-19 pandemic is truly sustainable following the withdrawal of the furlough schemes and the stamp duty relief.

Matthew Feargrieve asks if UK property market will crash

The estate agent hype is as shameless as the price rises are astounding.

Property prices are up…

Investment management consultant MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE explains why yields on government bonds are set to rise further, despite the Fed’s renewed commitment this week to buying US Treasury bonds.

Matthew Feargrieve explains why bond yields will continue to rise

No surprises at this week’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). The Fed is committed to doing — or, at…

Investment management consultant MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE explains the market dynamics pushing bond yields higher, and suggests some protective measures for your investment portfolio.

At its meeting on 17 March, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) confirmed that interest rates in the US would remain at zero. There was no surprise here…

MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE examines how the meat industry is applying blockchain technology to the processing of livestock in a way that is being welcomed by animal welfare groups, consumers and investors alike.

Matthew Feargrieve discusses blockchain technology in the meat industry

We have been eating animals for thousands of years. Throughout the post-war era, industrialisation and higher disposable incomes in…

MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE explains why the S&P 500 and the STOXX 600 right now make this a good time to invest in European equities and corporate bonds.

A Wall Street trader looks at a monitor showing the stock market index going down because of the coronavirus pandemic

July 2020

European stock markets are seeing inflows as the coronavirus tightens its grip on the US and the country’s economic woes continue to…

MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE explains why the World Health Organization says Africa must prepare for the worst of COVID19. And why the continent is not prepared for what is coming.

Global map showing COVID19 cases worldwide

AS AT 12 MAY 2020 there are around 68,000 known cases of COVID19 in Africa, and 2,340 reported deaths (source: African Arguments)…

As a new report by Eurekahedge reveals further contraction in the European hedge fund industry, MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE explains the failure of Alternative UCITS as a vehicle for truly “alternative” strategies, and why managers in Europe are increasingly looking to the Cayman Islands as a hedge fund domicile.

Graph showing stock market collapse during coronavirus crisis

The financial crisis…

MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE explains five ways in which your pension provider- and your financial adviser- should be communicating with you during the coronavirus lockdown.

A pension pot with pennies in it

In these days of lockdown and self-isolation, pension providers and financial advisers, like all businesses, have to work harder at reaching out to their clients. Especially when…

Matthew Feargrieve

Matthew Feargrieve is an investment management consultant with more than twenty years experience of advising fund managers.

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