Global map showing COVID19 cases worldwide
Sex worker in Africa with COVID19 infection
Sex workers in Africa at risk of coronavirus infection
Social gatherings will be restricted to prevent the spread of the virus
  • African governments must work together, as well as implement national strategies. Regional unions and the African Union can be powerful drivers of that cooperation.
  • Global groups working to support the pandemic response in Africa — including UN agencies, governments, donors, NGOs, and companies — must be yoked to the struggle by the governments of the richer African nations.
  • Other stakeholders must bring community leaders into the process from the start to build trust and to ensure that people and communities understand and adopt potentially challenging constraints.
Withers LLP appoints Matthew Feargrieve to establish a pan-European investment funds practice
Author: Matthew Feargrieve



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Matthew Feargrieve

Matthew Feargrieve


Matthew Feargrieve is an investment management consultant with more than twenty years experience of advising fund managers.